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CAFEC | Porcelain Trapezoid Dripper - 102 (3-5 Cup)


    Leaning into the tradition of hand drip coffee, the Trapezoid Dripper from CAFEC combines time-honoured aesthetics and performance.

    With steep side walls funnelling from the oval top opening to a narrowed rectangular base, and high ribs to maintain a layer of air between the filter and dripper for optimal control of flow rate and brew time, the trapezoid shaped dripper promotes a complex flow of water to yield a correspondingly dynamic profile with good body and balance.

    Made with high quality Arita ware porcelain—renowned for its fine texture, refined appearance, and utmost durability—and hand finished in retro-inspired colours to complement a classic coffee ritual.

    Available in your choice of colour, as well as in a 101 (1-2 cup) format for smaller brews.