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Weber Workshops | Espresso Paper Filters

  • The future of espresso preparation

    In collaboration with CAFEC—the leading producer of high-end coffee paper filters—and made exclusively for Weber Workshops, EPF is a first-of-its-kind paper filter made specifically for espresso.

    Placed beneath the coffee puck, paper filters reduce clogging of the basket holes and facilitate a more even extraction, while also preventing higher flow rate at the basket holes, allowing more even water flow through the puck—especially in the bottom section. This enables the use of a finer grind, which increases extraction yield while keeping shot times consistent.

    It does introduce an extra step, but the effort is rewarded with a perceptibly improved shot of espresso.

    Pack of 100 paper filters; available in 58mm (Unifilter/Unibasket Size) or 55mm (For standard 58mm and VST baskets) diameter.