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CAFEC | 4P Coffee Paper Filter Assortment (4 x 40pk)


    Not sure which of CAFEC's range of specially formulated paper filters will bring you the greatest enjoyment? The 4P Coffee Paper Filter Assortment allows you to try four of their most popular filters in one convenient package, so you can experiment and enjoy the varying flavour characteristics of brewing with different paper types and textures.

    Includes 40 of each of CAFEC's Roast Degree (T-92 for Light Roast, T-90 for Medium-Dark Roast, and T-83 for Dark Roast) paper filters, as well as their next generation Abaca+ paper filters—all packed in a resealable bag for ease of storage.

    Pack of 160 filters; 4 x 40pk.

    Available in 1 Cup or 2-4 Cup formats.