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Subminimal | NanoFoamer PRO

  • Superfine microfoam, automatically

    Building on the proven technology of their NanoScreen and impeller system, Subminimal's NanoFoamer PRO creates the smoothest microfoam imaginable at the touch of a button.

    Make barista-quality drinks without a steam wand; with the NanoFoamer PRO, there's no need for expensive, high-maintenance equipment or specialised skills. Hands-free so you can speed up your workflow and synchronise your milk heating and foaming with your espresso preparation, the beautifully simple NanoFoamer PRO ensures you're ready to pour and enjoy rich, creamy cappuccinos and lattes whenever the mood strikes you.

    With three included flow controllers to adjust for the different viscosity and foamability of dairy and plant-based milk alternatives, and six preset programs to account for varying milk volumes and texture preferences, the NanoFoamer PRO is ready to satisfy even the most demanding home baristas.