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ROK | Espresso GC Chrome (Open Box)


    Now easier than ever to handcraft quality espresso at home, ROK Espresso GC retains the timeless design of the original ROK Espresso Maker, with a totally re-engineered glass composite pressure chamber that delivers uncompromising performance.

    The antithesis to one-button electric machines, ROK puts you in control—you choose the coffee, you select the grind, you provide the power. Simply add coffee & hot water, lift the arms, wrap your hands around the polished aluminum handles and feel the pleasure of using your own power to pull espresso just the way you like it.

    Open Box: From time to time, we receive unused or very lightly used returns. In these cases, we carefully inspect the product to ensure it is in perfect working order, and are able to relay significant savings on these 'like new' products.

    Note: Open Box units may contain very minor cosmetic blemishes.