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Option-O | VERSA Magnetic Transfer Cup


    Always looking to enhance the coffee making workflow and experience, Option-O developed the VERSA Cup to better satisfy the dosing, distribution and transfer of coffee from grind to brew.

    Designed to fit the integrated portafilter fork system of the Lagom P64 and P100 for hands-free operation, the multi-functional VERSA Cup features a magnetically secured two-piece construction that separates with a light twist to dispense your grind evenly from its base.

    Equally practical as a grinds receptacle and dosing cup with top-pouring or bottom-dispensing capability for any brewing device, the VERSA Cup includes a magnetic base to affix firmly as a dosing funnel for 58mm portafilters.

    *Note: The VERSA Cup may not fit Lagom P64 grinders produced prior to August 2020. If you have one of these earlier models, please contact us to confirm prior to ordering.

    **Lagom P64 and P100 grinders produced as of November 2022 include the VERSA Cup.