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Option-O | Mizen Omni 64mm Flat Burrs

  • Smooth sailing

    The culmination of years of research and experience with premium burr sets and their own iterative design, Option-O's Mizen burrs have been developed to serve a key role in determining the performance of their grinders—just as the mizenmast does for a ship.

    Featuring a fine-tuned variation on the popular cast burr geometry and profile—with their proprietary Moonshine finishing process providing unique surface properties to further accentuate the potential cup quality—the 64mm Mizen Omni burrs have been designed as an all-purpose set to excel in fine grinding for espresso use as well as coarser grinding for pour over and other brew methods.

    Yielding a grind distribution and corresponding profile that balances clarity and flavour separation without sacrificing body and mouthfeel, the Mizen Omni burrs are best suited for those seeking an all-purpose burr set for medium to light roasts, and can be enjoyed with any roast degree.

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