Option-O | Lagom P64 Grinder

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    Robust, flexible, powerful and elegant, The Lagom P64 flat burr grinder from Option-O is engineered to help you make the best possible coffee, no matter your preferred brew method or roast level.

    Aligned by design with 64mm flat burrs, high-precision stepless adjustment and variable RPM control, the Lagom P64 provides incredible consistency and unparalleled control with full-range grinding capability.

    Streamlined for single-dosing with a zero retention design and high quality all-metal construction, Lagom is easy to use and built to provide many years of premium performance and enjoyment.

    Available in Silver or Black, and with your choice of Burr Selection: Standard Stainless Steel, SSP Espresso / High Uniformity, SSP Multi-Purpose / Unimodal Espresso, or SSP Brew / Unimodal v1.

    See here for more detail regarding burr selection.

    *NOTE: Canadian sales only; for US inquiries, please contact Prima Coffee.

    **We are handling the Lagom P64 on a waitlist basis; please request a restock notification above to reserve your position in our waitlist queue.