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NextLevel | Pulsar Brewer


    Following the success of their LVL-10 Brewer, NextLevel collaborated with the inspiration behind their original product design—astrophysicist and coffee geek/author, Jonathan Gagné—to bring even greater utility and control to zero bypass brewing with the Pulsar Brewer.

    Featuring a carefully designed dispersion cap for even saturation and controlled water flow & agitation, with a wide and flat no-bypass brew bed promoting more uniform water to coffee contact, NextLevel's brewers yield consistently great coffee with even and high extractions, balance, sweetness & clarity.

    Reducing the diameter of the brewer to further improve consistency and better enable smaller brews, with the introduction of a valve for variable control of flow rate and the ability to fully close the outlet for an extended bloom phase or full immersion 'steep-and-release' brew, Jonathan Gagné's design inputs empower even greater precision and virtually unlimited versatility with the amazingly user-friendly Pulsar Brewer.

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