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Loveramics | Set of 4 Embossed Tasting Cups - Mauve Morn


      Inspired by the amazing colour palette of Hong Kong's Choi Hung 'Rainbow Estate', the Embossed Tasting Cup collection by Loveramics features colourful translucent glazes accentuated by a delicate pinstripe embossment on the surface.

      With a flared opening to engage the nose and encourage a wide spread on the tongue, the shape of each cup is designed to allow for the fullest appreciation of aroma and flavour with every sip, while the wide opening and rounded interior allow for a little extra creativity with latte art—perfect for home or the café.

      Set of 4 cups, including one each of Purple, Dusty Pink, Pink & White; available in 250ml, 150ml or 80ml sizes.