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Kinu | M47 - Phoenix


    With unparalleled attention to detail in design and craftsmanship, Kinu sets the standard for performance and reliability with their high-quality line of hand grinders.

    Featuring the same black-fusion treated 47mm conical steel burrs and step-less micrometrical adjustment system as its predecessors—while lighter weight with increased capacity by incorporating more ABS plastic in place of steel—the M47 Phoenix is the aptly named design developed by Kinu following the devastating fire that struck their factory in 2018.

    Equally robust, refined and smooth to operate, Phoenix provides similarly exacting performance to its M47 brethren, at a greatly reduced price.

  • ** NOTE: Updated design (as of September 2020) now accepts a standard sized ABS Catch Cup and/or Kinu's Stainless Steel Catch Cup.