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Flair 58 (2023 edition)


    Focused on maximising the quality of your at-home espresso extractions, the Flair 58 is a professional grade manual lever press.

    Featuring an industry standard handled 58mm portafilter and integrated temperature controller, the Flair 58 simplifies your workflow and thermal management so you can focus on what matters most. With a suite of thoughtful design elements and key upgrades to functionality and aesthetics to enhance the overall experience, the 2023 edition Flair 58 allows you to explore the full potential of your espresso.

    Also available in a non-electric version, the Flair 58x offers the same gold standard performance with a fully unplugged (and now electric-enabled) experience.

    New features with 2023 edition: Enhanced single slot valve plunger; integrated stainless steel disc mount for magnetic articulating shot mirror; 45° angled elbow connector to minimise wiring; and a detachable preheat controller so you can brew anywhere.