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Baratza | Vario-W+


    Built upon Baratza's award-winning legacy, the Vario-W+ is purposefully designed to delight coffee enthusiasts with consistent performance across a full range of grind settings.

    Featuring weight-based dosing to the tenth of a gram, with three programmable presets to simplify your daily workflow, the Vario-W+ is equipped with 54mm flat steel burrs and an accurate integrated scale to unlock repeatable precision grind quality.

    The high-visibility backlit LCD display and intuitive control panel make it easy to start your day on the right foot, with 220 available settings for a super precise dial-in. With an upgraded metal grind chamber and adjustment knobs for improved grind quality, consistency and usability, the Vario-W+ is the answer to your multipurpose grinding needs.

    To complement your coffee setup, the Vario-W+ is available in your choice of Black or White.