Option-O | Lagom Mini

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  • Not too little, not too much

    Splendidly minimal, the Option-O Lagom Mini packs premium performance into a super compact and lightweight frame. Streamlined for single-dosing and optimised for filter brew grinding, the Lagom Mini features stepless adjustment and a zero retention design to satisfy even the most discerning home brewers.

    Built for utmost ease of use—and travel-friendly—with an all-metal construction, luscious anodised finish, and magnetically aligned grounds cup, Option-O's Lagom Mini is designed to provide years of beautifully simple enjoyment.

    Available in Black or Silver, and with your choice of Burr Selection: 38mm TiN-coated Conventional, or 48mm TiCN-coated Obsydian.

    *NOTE: We are handling demand for the 48mm Obsydian burr models on a waitlist basis. Please request a restock notification above to reserve your position in our waitlist queue.