Baratza | Vario-W


    Weight-based grinding for extreme accuracy makes it easier to make the perfect cup of coffee. Baratza’s groundbreaking Vario-W is a fully integrated real-time weight-based grinder.

    With all the features of the Vario, including small footprint, macro/micro adjustment, ceramic burrs, and a broad range of grind, the Vario-W uses a weight-based dosing approach rather than a time-based approach.

    Initially designed for café use in manual brew bars (eliminating the need to manually pre-weigh coffee beans), the built-in precision load cell provides accurate weighing while grinding to within 0.1 grams, and three user-programmable buttons make for repeatable, one-touch grinding.

    As beautiful as it is functional, the Vario-W’s intuitive macro/micro adjustments offer 230 distinct and repeatable settings for any style of coffee, with 54mm flat ceramic burrs providing accurate, fast-grinding performance that will remain sharp twice as long as the best steel burrs. With Baratza's high-torque DC motor and belt drive transmission ensuring your beans are in for a smooth, cool ride, Vario-W is a powerful and elegant addition to any brew bar.