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Baratza | Encore - Black (Open Box)


    Lauded by coffee experts as THE go-to entry level grinder for those brewing coffee at home, the Encore gives a great grind for drip/manual brew methods and can also grind fine enough for espresso.

    Featuring 40 individual grind settings—from fine to coarse—and specially designed 40mm conical steel burrs, the Encore provides a precise grind with accurate and repeatable results yielding a flavourful, balanced extraction.

    Built with the quality Baratza parts you’ve come to trust, the Encore features an efficient DC motor that keeps beans cool, even during extended grind times, while a combination of electric and gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 RPM, ensuring a smooth bean feed and reducing noise, heat and static buildup.

    Allowing you to explore the range of brewing methods, the Encore is a great all-around home grinder that will make for better coffee and a more enjoyable coffee making experience.

    Open Box: From time to time, we receive unused or lightly used returns. In these cases, we carefully inspect the product to ensure it is in perfect working order, and are able to relay significant savings on these 'like new' products.

    Note: Open Box units may contain minor cosmetic blemishes.

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